About Us

The United Macedonians Organization of Canada is a non-profit membership organization based in Toronto. It was founded in 1959 in order to address the interests and needs of the Macedonian communities of Canada, with the purpose to preserve the Macedonian identity and heritage.

The United Macedonians continue to fulfill the cultural needs of the Macedonian communities throughout North America. It’s primary activities include organizing annual cultural events such as the Ilinden Picnic and the Goce Delcev Night Banquet. It also supports events organized by Macedonian Orthodox churches and other community organizations.

Executive Board

Mendo Bakalovski – President
Louie Dimitrievski – First Vice President
Andrian Nestor – Second Vice President
Elizabeth Medichkov – Secretary
Peter Medichkov – Treasurer
Chris Sukov – Assistant Treasurer
Mitko Rostankovski – Delegate to the Eparchy
Lui Sekulovski – Delegate to the Canadian Ethnocultural Council
Control Committee – Vlade Dimitrievski, Pero Gulevski, Teli Moriovche


1959-1966: James Saunders
1966-1967: John Givens
1967-1968: Georgi Lukras
1968-1969: Jimmie Trentos
1969-1971: Tely Moriovche
1971-1973: Anton Opashinov (Pandov)
1974-1975: James Saunders
1976-1977: Tely Moriovche
1978-1979: Petre Vasilevski
1979-1981: Nikola Stojanovski
1981-1982: Branko Stojcevski
1982-1984: Trajan Tegovski
1984-1988: Mendo Bakalovski
1988-1989: Steve Pliakes
1989-1990: Dragan Dzolganovski
1990-1992: Steve Pliakes
1992-1993: Vlade Grozdanovski
1993-1995: Tely Moriovche
1995-1999: Vlade Grozdanovski
1999-2003: Dragi Stojkovski
2003-2006: Boris Mangov
2007-2009: Dragi Stojkovski
2009-2013: Mendo Bakalovski
2013-2015: Jim Smagranov

2015-Present: Mendo Bakalovski


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